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Seashell bathroom decor

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Seashell bathroom decorSeashell bathroom decor takes the colors found in the natural setting at the beach. Using shells to accessorize a bathroom is one of the classic bathroom themes. Because of this, there are a plethora of sources to find bathroom items with the seashell motif. The seashell theme is successful for several reasons. Some of these are:

• Natural elements are used to create a calming influence. Actual shells can be cleaned and used for display purposes. A shell can even be used as a soap dish. Sand in a jar may also add to the authenticity of the theme.
• Colors that are seen at seashore settings are usually utilized in the seashell-decorated bathroom. While other colors may be present, faded hues of blue, cream, white, yellow, gray and peach are typical colors used. These gentle tones create a peaceful sanctuary.
• The theme of water is appropriate for a bathroom setting. Using elements of the beach in the area where you bathe is a nice way to bring the natural world into the home.

Color choice is an important issue when you are outfitting your bathroom with seashell decor. Consider the overall effect as you choose accessories. There are many hues that would be appropriate to use with seashells.

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