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Kids bathroom decor

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Kids bathroom decorKids’ bathroom décor can serve a couple of purposes. First of all, it can be something that will accentuate your home and make it look nice to visitors and family members alike. Secondly, having the right kind of things in the bathroom can actually encourage your children to do essential things like take baths and brush their teeth.

So, if you have never taken the opportunity to learn what the essentials are for a kids bathroom, now is your chance.

• Shower curtain – A shower curtain is one of the very first – if not the first – items that a person sees when entering the bathroom. Curtains with depictions of fish, cartoon characters, or dinosaurs are all popular among children.

• Toilet cover – There are some toilet covers that simply slip on over the top lid of the toilet seat. These are fairly inexpensive and can include anything from ducks and frogs to cartoon characters. You also may purchase a lid that already includes these drawings or logos on them.

• Toothbrush holder – These can be quite simple, but they definitely don’t need to be. Girls love things like Barbie toothbrush holders while boys seem to prefer things like Superman or Spiderman brush holders.

• Towels – Even though these items are often moved in and out of the bathroom, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be used as kids’ bathroom décor. Kids love to see towels that have cartoon characters, team logos or superheroes on them.

There are certainly many other kids’ bathroom décor items available, but this guide should give you a nice starting point.

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